Custom Analytics & Ratings

Creating customized ESG analyses from the ground up would be costly, time-consuming and resource-intensive. Identifying, collecting, cleansing, organizing and storing the necessary data, then designing, building, and testing databases, infrastructure and outputs to support a firm’s objectives would involve time and lost opportunities. OWL ESG’s Custom Data and Analytics service complements our suite of turnkey solutions by allowing you to leverage our comprehensive ESG data to meet your unique needs.

People around the world have started to make more and more sustainable choices by making simple lifestyle changes like recycling their household waste or going green when travelling. This shift in the global mindset has also started to affect decisions regarding finances. Demand for ESG products and ESG analytics and ratings have increased dramatically.

Businesses that are found to have good ESG practices through ESG rating tools carry less risk since their core values incorporate sustainability. This helps investors determine whether a business is sustainable in the long term and if any intangible risks might arise in the future.

You choose the inputs, weightings, methodology, peer groups, and output needed to conduct your own proprietary analyses; we build, maintain and deliver, on your schedule.


Construct customized ratings, rankings or peer group comparisons, based on your chosen set of sources, to emphasize specific E, S, and/or G issues (e.g., carbon emissions, gender pay equity, board structure, and so on).


Apply your ESG analytics to evaluate index constituents, an industry peer group, and/or a bespoke set of securities, and analyze changes in those ESG metrics over time.


Obtain standards-based scores that OWL constructs according to definitions set by one or more organizations (EU Taxonomy, U.N. SDGs, SASB, the Global Reporting Initiative, and more).


Choose a subset of OWL’s sources to define bespoke ESG ratings and scores, based on customized weightings and classifications or third-party standards.

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