OWL ESG Consensus Scores

Most ESG scores rely on non-standard, self-reported, and unregulated data. Inconsistencies across scores are unavoidable because each rating firm selects its own data sources, decides how to combine data into factors, and weights those factors to rate companies in E, S, and G categories. OWL overcomes these challenges by analyzing, integrating and optimizing the largest ESG dataset in the industry. Our “wisdom of the crowd” approach…

We combine inputs from a wide range of vendors to create robust, unbiased, timely, ESG consensus scores for 25,000+ public companies worldwide. Learn more about our ESG consensus services today.


Provides a broad-based, unbiased consensus view of the importance of various E, S and G metrics, by industry.


Leverages hundreds of inputs across numerous sources representing a wide range of perspectives, combining the world’s leading ESG data and research firms’ insights.


Constructs 12 Key Performance Indicators from hundreds of metrics related to ESG behaviors and financial performance.


Employs a hybrid human/technology approach to gather 100 million data elements from over 500 sources – ESG research firms, news and media outlets, NGOs, government databases, unions, activist groups, and more.

How Can We Help?

We work with all types of investment firms, corporations, and fintech platforms around the world. Find out how OWL can meet your need for ESG data and analytics today.



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