Standards & Regulatory Reporting

Fund managers and corporations around the world must now disclose climate change and other ESG-related metrics, based on an array of reporting requirements and definitions. Even entities that are not yet required to provide this information want to know how they would stand up to this scrutiny. OWL ESG has the high quality data and analyses firms need to confidently assess their exposures based on all types of reporting standards.

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Solution maps different raw data metrics which provides multiple raw data indicators regarding sustainability in a certain company. This SFDR reporting solution can help private equity, infrastructure, and real estate managers meet their disclosure obligations without the hassle of having to collect, analyze, and interpret data by themselves. We’re here to raise the bar for accountability and transparency in investment management.

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OWL ESG gathers, organizes and updates hundreds of ESG data points so that firms can meet any reporting standard. Fintech platforms rely on OWL to make this data available to their clients.


Analyze exposures according to the SFDR and EU taxonomy, including Sustainability Risks and Principal Adverse Impact indicators, or the GRI, SASB, and other standards, easily and efficiently.


Compare individual companies’ exposures under one or more reporting standards to their industry peers.


Identify controversial and illegal activities under the UNGC and/or discover which companies have comprehensive processes to ensure they are in compliance with UNGC recommendations.


Provide the ESG data and analyses that fund managers and corporate issuers need to report under various standards through your fintech platform.

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