How do You Use ESG to Invest Wisely?

Check out the Fiduciary Talk podcast for an interview with OWL ESG cofounder Ben Webster, speaking with fi360’s Blaine Aiken about how ESG can improve investment decisions.

Investors at all levels have become more interested in responsible investment practices, but sorting out what that means can be a real chore — even when you’re the one who’s supposed to help others invest safely and with conscience.

Some of the questions we’ve heard include: How can I invest ethically? Can I make a profit without being evil? How can I plan for retirement when the market is so volatile? What does ESG even mean?

But media coverage and search results are littered with jargon and definitions that overlap and contradict. Confronted by this confusion, would-be responsible investors may just remain never-investors. And when experienced advisors don’t have easy answers, even seasoned investors may just stop hunting.

In our research on the topic, we came across this fi360 webinar: Keeping Your Mind on Money While Listening to Matters of the Heart: Fiduciary Heuristics for ESG Investing. Though a bit of a steep curve for the average investor, it’s a good starting point for advisors looking to grasp the fundamentals of this strategy whose demand is quickly growing.

In fact, we liked it so much we got in touch with presenter Blaine Aiken. He invited us to participate in fi360’s INSIGHTS 2016 conference to talk about some of our findings and how, properly incorporated, ESG may actually improve some common fund strategies. We jumped at the chance to share what we’ve been finding.

Download the podcast now and learn how ESG can help your investment decisions.