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OWL: Making the world's financial market data accessible and actionable

At OWL, we are leveraging the power of technology and AI to upscale productivity, putting corporate disclosures from around the world at your fingertips. We spent the last four years building, training, and improving our AI, while learning more about the markets and listening to our clients. At OWL, we have dedicated ourselves to building tools that do the heavy lifting so that our clients can cut research projects that used to take days, or even weeks, down to mere hours, and allocate resources to more higher value work. The end result is a software suite that will completely revolutionize financial and corporate markets research built on top of a database covering nearly 9,000 companies that is unparalleled in accuracy.

The Beginning

Founded in 2012, OWL ESG is focused on providing a comprehensive suite of data, metrics and tools for evaluating sustainability and applying environmental, social, and governance metrics to the global investment arena.


At OWL, our mission is to make the world’s financial market data accessible and actionable. 

Our Team

We are the combined skills and experience of the great and dedicated people who work here. With backgrounds in programming, mathematics, product development, corporate governance, risk, marketing, communications, and, of course, ESG and corporate analysis, there is a team member who is one of the best at everything we do.

And yet, we are more than the sum of our parts. With backgrounds that are diverse in far more than just employment experience, we have fostered an environment that allows us to work together to drive value for our clients and positive change for our world.

Meet Our Team

Sarah Ablin, Managing Director – EMEA Sales
Evangeline Cheung, Senior Product Research Manager – ESG and Analytics

Meet Our Advisory Board