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ESG & Consumers

Environmental Impact of Valentine’s Day

The Green Dilemma: Unwrapping the Environmental Impact of Valentine’s Day Originating in Ancient Greece, the tradition of celebrating February 14 was a day dedicated to Cupid, AKA the god of love, where people brought offerings to honor him. This sentiment carried through to the Christan celebration of St. Valentine, and from there, Valentine’s Day was

February 12, 2024
ESG & Consumers

Environmental Impact of the Super Bowl

The Eco-Playbook: Unveiling the Environmental Impact of the Super Bowl and NFL Stadiums The Super Bowl is HERE. Whether you’re a Niners die hard, Kansas City (or Swiftie) devotee, Seahawks lover, Bills aficionado, an Eagles fanatic (like me), or a fan of one of the other teams, it’s one of the most-watched sporting events globally,

February 9, 2024
Investment Management

ESG Issues from a Capital Provider Perspective 

BY: Robert Yates & Barry Greenblatt In this paper, we present the case that thoughtful ESG Risk Assessment Policies and Procedures are a critical component of underwriting and investment decisions. With proper execution these Policies and Procedures will lead to higher and more stable results for capital providers. This is the first of a three-part

February 6, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Revolutionizing Nature with NACs

In an effort to combat climate change and foster a sustainable economy, the NYSE and Intrinsic Exchange Group(IEG), with the support of the SEC, are at the forefront of introducing Natural Asset Companies (NACs) – a groundbreaking category of listed firms concentrating on nature and its ecosystem in delivering services. NACs are intended to assign value to the

January 29, 2024
Investment Management

Episode 125: ESG Data – From Metric to Factor, with Conor Platt – and the Magnificent 7 Stocks

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates bring back Confluence Analytics CEO Conor Platt to look at the Magnificent 7 Stocks through a lens of applying ESG data to create factor analyses.

January 25, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Episode 124: A Deep (Scuba) Dive into Coral, featuring Dr. Helen Fox and Judy McNary

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Dr. Helen Fox and Judy McNary.

January 17, 2024
Investment Management

Episode 122: Don’t Feed the Clowns, with Dale Wannen

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with the author of “Don’t Feed the Clowns”, Dale Wannen.

January 9, 2024
General ESG

Episode 123: Seasons Greetings

In our latest Armchair, Tessa and Ben close out 2023 with updates and seasons greetings.

December 27, 2023
ESG & Consumers

Exploring the Expanding World of NFTs: Art, Music, Gaming, and Beyond 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all around us. From art and music to gaming and movies, these digital assets are selling for millions of dollars. They are digital assets with distinct data recorded in smart contracts – a piece of code designed to carry out a set of instructions. Unlike banknotes, which can be exchanged for another, smart contracts

December 18, 2023
ESG Data & Reporting

Moving ESG from a Metric to a Factor

BY: Conor Platt & Robert Yates ESG investing revolves around companies working to improve performance with respect to some set of environmental and/or social factors. Things like greenhouse gas emissions, water preservation, diversity, and labor relations incidents can all be tracked, and a company’s respective performance in those areas feeds into investment decisions for concerned

December 15, 2023
ESG & Corporate Strategy

Episode 121: Finpublica and the Future of ESG – with Adam Wasserman

In our latest Armchair, Yates talks with Adam Wasserman of Finpublica.

December 8, 2023
Investment Management

Episode 120: Where ESG is Already Mainstream – with Liz Simmie

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Liz Simmie of Honeytree Investments.

November 28, 2023
General ESG

Episode 119: Reasons OWL is Thankful

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Ben Webster, CEO of OWLESG. Happy Thanksgiving.

November 23, 2023
ESG & Corporate Strategy

Episode 118: The Anatomy of a Corporate Sustainability Report – with Cris Banahan

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Cris Banahan about the anatomy of a corporate sustainability report.

November 20, 2023

Episode 117: Demystifying Ai – with Andrew Kou

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Andrew Kou on demystifying Ai, algorithms and data management.

November 16, 2023
ESG & Corporate Strategy

Episode 116: ESG as a Success Story – with Judy McNary

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Judy McNary about ESG as a success story.

November 10, 2023
ESG & Consumers

Fashion Industry Waste & Climate Change

Unraveling the Thread: How the Fashion Industry’s Waste Contributes to Climate Change Let’s be real. We’ve all bought clothes we either never wear, wear once, or wear all the time and then throw away. But have you ever wondered where it goes after you’re done with it? In a world driven by trends and fast-paced

November 7, 2023
Social Pillar

Episode 115: Halloween Spooktacular

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Tessa Schaal about Halloween and ESG sustainability.

October 31, 2023
ESG & Consumers

A Sustainable Halloween: Making Eco-Conscious Choices for a Greener Spooky Season

From creative paper bag outfits to eerily lifelike zombies and houses adorned with creepy decals, Halloween showcases a wide array of creativity. Though, beyond the spooky embellishments, latest horror films, and eerie costumes, have you ever contemplated the environmental impact Halloween can have? Carving eerie faces into pumpkins is a common October tradition, but it

October 30, 2023
Governance Pillar

Episode 114: An ESG Walk Down Memory Lane

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates gather ’round to talk with Ed Apsey, Co-Head of Sustainability at CIBC.

October 26, 2023

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