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Reimagining Travel: The Urgent Need for Sustainable Tourism in a Warming World

When preparing for a trip, considerations typically revolve around itinerary, attractions, cuisine, and packing. Often overlooked are the environmental consequences of travel and its effects on local communities. However, for companies reliant on travel and tourism, these aspects are crucial for investors and managers to address. Bloomberg predicts that by 2033, the travel and tourism

July 10, 2024


Habitat Destruction Shark and ray populations are dwindling due to both direct threats, such as fishing, and indirect factors like habitat loss. Additionally, the expansion of coastal development has accelerated alongside the increasing human population and migration to coastal regions, leading to significant degradation in marine environments. Mining and aquaculture activities further contribute to this

July 5, 2024

Addressing Fashion’s Waste Crisis: Sustainability Commitment and Industry Challenges

The fashion industry, driven by fast-paced consumerism, significantly contributes to environmental degradation through waste and excessive production processes. The rise of fast fashion promotes a throwaway culture, leading to mountains of discarded clothing in landfills that release harmful greenhouse gases (GHG). In fact, its estimated to be responsible for 8-10 percent of global carbon emissions. The industry’s resource-intensive production,

July 1, 2024

EPA’s Emission Rules: Paving the Way for a Greener, More Sustainable Transportation Future

The EPA’s new car emission rules, aimed at reducing vehicle-related pollutants, could eliminate 3.1 billion tons of CO2, cut U.S. gasoline use by over 360 million gallons, and save up to $420 billion in fuel costs by 2050. However, 15 states reliant on fossil fuels are challenging these regulations, while others like California and New York

June 25, 2024

The Harmonious Future: Music Industry’s Push Towards Sustainability

The music industry is gigantic, generating over $170 billion annually, with recorded music alone accounting for $28.8 billion. Additionally, music’s cultural impact is vast, influencing societal norms and political landscapes throughout history. From the civil rights movement to the fall of the Soviet Union, music has been a catalyst for change. It evokes memories, supports mental

June 18, 2024

Balancing Innovation and Impact: Addressing AI’s Environmental Footprint

Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives innovation across various industries, from healthcare to finance. However, its expanding use raises environmental concerns due to its significant energy demands and large servers, leading to increased carbon emissions and electronic waste. While AI can solve major problems like climate change, its current environmental impact cannot be ignored. AI’s carbon footprint

June 11, 2024


Fish reproductive rates vary, affecting their sustainability to fishing. Species such as sharks and rays, which reproduce slowly, are particularly susceptible to overfishing. If we deplete shark populations faster than they can reproduce, we face dwindling numbers and reduced future catches.  Threats  While sharks reign as apex predators in ocean ecosystems, humans exploit them for

June 6, 2024

Tackling Plastic Waste and Emissions in Advanced Recycling Efforts

Formed in 1970, the EPA continues to be tasked with environmental protection matters. From pollution and car emissions to climate change and safe water resources, the EPA has both vetoed and passed laws when it comes to protecting the planet.  One topic that continues to be challenged though is plastics recycling, heavily acknowledged as a

May 28, 2024
ESG & Consumers

Sweating Green: Shaping a Sustainable Future in the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainability. From eco-friendly workout gear to sustainable gym practices, the exercise industry is embracing green initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint. Eco-Conscious Workout Apparel One of the key areas of focus in sustainable fitness is the development of eco-conscious workout apparel. Traditional sportswear often relies on

May 18, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Sharks In Peril: Changing Climate – Part 1

Sharks, often portrayed as fearsome predators in popular culture, are vital components of marine ecosystems and the most vulnerable. In fact, over one-third of shark species are considered threatened with extinction, mainly due to overfishing. Despite their pointy teeth and size, their significance extends beyond mere apex predators. The environmental impact of sharks is profound, playing a

May 8, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Earth Week Chronicles: Investor Engagement During Earth Week

Earth Day serves as a yearly reminder of our impact on the environment and the pressing need to invest in a sustainable future. Amidst a changing climate (literally and figuratively), we as a people must deepen our understanding of our role in addressing these challenges urgently. 2023’s Earth Week: “Investing in Our Planet” was designed

April 26, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Earth Week Chronicles: Driving Sustainability in Business Practices

By exploring how companies celebrate Earth Day, businesses can promote climate action and integrate sustainability, draw in varied talent, and foster a culture of environmental awareness. Discover how companies like Disney, Starbucks, and Apple are highlighting the transformative impact of Earth Day in promoting positive change.  Disney “We built the Disney Conservation Fund to save

April 24, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Earth Week Chronicles: Nurturing Nature, Sustaining Life 

A Journey Through Decades of Environmental Consciousness Earth Day was founded in 1970, as an educational initiative. Developed by Senator Gaylord Nelson, it started as a “national teach-in on the environment” held on April 22 to engage students and raise awareness about pollution and environmental issues nationally. Since then, it has grown to the point that

April 22, 2024

AI’s Environmental Impact: Balancing Innovation with Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence (AI) fuels innovation and has transformed industries, from healthcare to finance and fashion, and everything in between However, as AI expands as a tool with more use cases and applications, the environmental impact of this revolutionary technology is simultaneously driving increasing concerns.  AI has the potential to truly usher in a new age

March 26, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Environmental Impact of St. Patrick’s Day

Green Celebrations: Navigating the Environmental Impact of St. Patrick’s Day As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, cities around the world prepare for a sea of green, lively parades, and joyous celebrations in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. While the day is synonymous with leprechauns, beer, and all things green, festivities aren’t necessarily lucky for

March 14, 2024
ESG & Consumers

Environmental Impact of Valentine’s Day

The Green Dilemma: Unwrapping the Environmental Impact of Valentine’s Day Originating in Ancient Greece, the tradition of celebrating February 14 was a day dedicated to Cupid, AKA the god of love, where people brought offerings to honor him. This sentiment carried through to the Christan celebration of St. Valentine, and from there, Valentine’s Day was

February 12, 2024
ESG & Consumers

Environmental Impact of the Super Bowl

The Eco-Playbook: Unveiling the Environmental Impact of the Super Bowl and NFL Stadiums The Super Bowl is HERE. Whether you’re a Niners die hard, Kansas City (or Swiftie) devotee, Seahawks lover, Bills aficionado, an Eagles fanatic (like me), or a fan of one of the other teams, it’s one of the most-watched sporting events globally,

February 9, 2024
Investment Management

ESG Issues from a Capital Provider Perspective 

BY: Robert Yates & Barry Greenblatt In this paper, we present the case that thoughtful ESG Risk Assessment Policies and Procedures are a critical component of underwriting and investment decisions. With proper execution these Policies and Procedures will lead to higher and more stable results for capital providers. This is the first of a three-part

February 6, 2024
Environmental Pillar

Revolutionizing Nature with NACs

In an effort to combat climate change and foster a sustainable economy, the NYSE and Intrinsic Exchange Group(IEG), with the support of the SEC, are at the forefront of introducing Natural Asset Companies (NACs) – a groundbreaking category of listed firms concentrating on nature and its ecosystem in delivering services. NACs are intended to assign value to the

January 29, 2024
Investment Management

Episode 125: ESG Data – From Metric to Factor, with Conor Platt – and the Magnificent 7 Stocks

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates bring back Confluence Analytics CEO Conor Platt to look at the Magnificent 7 Stocks through a lens of applying ESG data to create factor analyses.

January 25, 2024

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