OWL ESG Consensus Scores
Using a ‘wisdom of the crowd’ approach, OWL analyzes, integrates, and optimizes the largest ESG dataset in the industry - combining inputs from a wide range of vendors to create robust, unbiased, timely, consensus-based scores and KPIs for public companies worldwide.


Consensus scoring delivers a more objective and agnostic market view which leads to better decisions and outcomes.

How Clients use OWL’s ESG Consensus Scores

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers

  • Portfolio structuring and selection
  • Manage risk and return while ensuring portfolio reflects ESG goals of investors and clients
  • Update portfolio companies as they change their practices
  • Wisdom of the crowd, smoothing effect for more accurate scores
Sustainability Teams

Sustainability Teams

  • Using peer comparisons, accurately assess how a company is managing ESG risk and opportunities
  • Encourage corporate issuers to pursue ESG interests in line with industry
  • Identify industry trends and prepare strategic responses
  • Objective scores provide more useable insights
Stewardship & Reporting Teams

Stewartship & Reporting Teams

  • Use scoring to identify targets for engagement
  • Inform voting decisions on governance committee members, board members, shareholder proposals, executive compensation, and other proxy voting decisions based on ESG relative performance
Corporate Issues & Consultants

Corporate Issuers & Consultants

  • Identify and manage ESG risks, opportunities, and requirements; disseminate insights to organization
  • Provide board and senior management with performance details relative to competitors
  • Act on emerging industry trends in ESG best practices 
Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers

  • Basic research, company comparisons, and stock selection
  • Quick ESG assessments
  • Values alignment

See consensus scores in a whole new way. And make more informed, more impactful choices for your goals and the planet.