OWL ESG redefined the standard for
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True to our mission statement, we are transforming the way
ESG data is gathered, analyzed, researched, and applied.

Nearly one-third of analysts at investment management firms spend 40 percent of their time gathering and verifying data. This process costs firms an average of $15 million a year. Inaccurate data triples this loss.

Unleash the power of OWL’s Deep Research Application. No more laboring through thousands of pages manually, wasting valuable time and money searching for data and verifying its accuracy.

Our AI-powered application was built from the ground up to supercharge ESG research, transforming a single ESG analyst into a team and a research team into an army.

Join the OWL ESG Deep Research Application for exclusive access to this technology, including OWL’s gold standard ESG data and all the benefits of our client care service team.

Transform a single ESG analyst into a TEAM
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If you are interested in joining OWL ESG’s Deep Research Application, please provide the following information. Someone from our team will contact you soon.