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Responsible Investing: At a Tipping Point?

We think so, and yet another recent survey supports the idea. A survey of Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association members showed the majority believe responsible investing is only becoming more important with time, driven by industry standards, pressure from institutional investors, and positive investment returns. Addressing the survey results, CAIA’s CEO, William J. Kelly,

April 17, 2019
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Investment Management

ESG Case Study: Top 1000 Value

Among our many tests, we made an effort to test our methodology on approximations of popular benchmark indices. This study simulates an ESG-weighted Top 1000 Value portfolio (blue) versus the same portfolio weighted by market-cap (red). Our starting universe is the top 1000 US companies by market-cap that are also in the Wilshire Large- or

March 15, 2019
Image from OWL ESG displaying the cover of 'ESG Case Studies
Investment Management

ESG Case Study: More Tinkering with the Top 1000

OWL ESG continues to publish case studies that convince us of ESG’s potential to improve investments. We will be releasing these updates regularly, and will present additional studies and analysis in our newsletter — take a second to sign up to receive this additional valuable information. This week we use the same starting universe as

March 14, 2019
Governance Pillar

ESG: Not Just for Hippies

At a recent conference we discussed ESG reporting with a number of financial advisors. One, who identified himself as fiscally conservative, appeared to take great pleasure in describing us as bleeding-heart liberals who were trying to complicate investment decisions with an arbitrary do-gooder philosophy. To which we reply: Balderdash. OWL ESG is proud to promote

February 27, 2019
Image from OWL ESG displaying the cover of 'ESG Case Studies
Investment Management

ESG Case Study: Adding a Filter

Our series of case studies continues! Today we look at a simulated large-cap portfolio of the 1000 largest US companies, charting the comparison between two different weighting schemes.  The red line represents a market cap-weighted portfolio, which is just that: constituents are weighted by their market capitalization, with no filtering or other factors.  The blue

February 22, 2019
Image from OWL ESG displaying the cover of 'ESG Case Studies
Investment Management

How Do We Know ESG Works? Let Us Show You.

At OWL ESG we do a lot of evangelizing about the benefits of using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data in investing. Why? Because we’ve seen it at work.  Our head of product development recently re-ran our original ESG case studies with a refreshed data set. The results have only strengthened our conclusions. Since we’ve been

February 16, 2019
Investment Management

How Can an Individual Investor Get Started with ESG?

Now that the general public is becoming aware of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing, we hear this question all the time: Q: How can an individual investor get started with ESG? A: If you’re already investing in mutual funds or ETFs, it’s easier than ever to find investments that reflect your goals. Most investors

January 10, 2019
Investment Management

Worried About Deregulation? Take the Reins with ESG

The new administration’s rapid pen-strokes currently underway in Washington DC promise to change how business is done, particularly as executive orders aim to reduce business regulations. Whether you favor such regulation (or, like some, are concerned about regulations’ ineffectiveness and unintended negative effects), the rapid and widespread fluctuations in our federal system will ripple far, creating

December 31, 2018
Investment Management

Question of the Day: ESG & Exclusion

Here’s a question we hear occasionally from investors who are just getting started with ESG. Q: Doesn’t investing with ESG imply the elimination of companies from your starting universe? A: Au contraire. The majority of professional investors know that ESG is not an investment strategy. Straight up, it’s data and information that investors can use

November 24, 2018
Investment Management

Can You Afford to Ignore ESG? 

A new study suggests many investors are missing out on the benefits of ESG because they — or their advisors — don’t understand why or how to use it.  Despite growing evidence, over a third of survey respondents do not think ESG is an alpha source, and another third aren’t sure. That leaves less than a

August 22, 2018
Investment Management

Investor Demand Drives Growth of Sustainable Investing

Sustainable and responsible investing continues to claim a growing portion of investments in the US, now at over one-fifth of professionally managed assets — that’s $8.72 trillion out of $40.3 trillion — up 33% from one-sixth in 2014. “Client demand is one of the major drivers for money managers that introduce products that take ESG

July 16, 2018
General ESG

The Natural History of ESG

The investing world is fast embracing ESG data to inform investment decisions — likely because, as stacks of studies show, on the whole ESG scores are an indicator for performance. But what is this information? Why is it important? Where does it come from? Is all ESG alike? In short, how is ESG made? Don’t

May 31, 2018

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