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Social Pillar

Investing In Human Rights

Last week, we reiterated our view that the investment community is uniquely positioned to effect positive change by deploying capital in companies that score well on Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. To that end, we walked through the framework of a high quality ESG dataset, courtesy of our partners at OWL Analytics (shown again below). Today, we’ll

June 15, 2020
Social Pillar

Impacting Change Through Socially Responsible Investing

(This is a guest post by our partner, Omega Point, from their Factor Spotlight Series) This past week we have been both outraged and heart-broken watching protests against racial injustice unfold across the country. We stand in full solidarity with the Black community to fight systemic racism. We pledge to do our part to listen

June 8, 2020
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Other Financial Services

ESG Signals That Work

Give a baseball player signals that predict whether or not the next pitch is likely to be a curveball and there’s a good chance he will significantly improve his batting average (let’s assume there’s no cheating involved). Similarly, an active equity manager with access to signals about whether key risk factors for a stock are

February 26, 2020
Sector Spotlight: Industrials & Healthcare
Investment Management

Can ESG Data Be Predictive of Total Returns?

CAN ESG DATA BE PREDICTIVE OF TOTAL RETURNS? As Environmental, Social and Governance data grows in popularity, many investors find themselves asking the question “is ESG data material?” Or “can ESG data be predictive of total returns?”. As an ESG data provider, OWL is asked those questions almost daily. To explore the first question, “is

February 10, 2020
ESG in Action
Investment Management

Identifying ESG Performance Risk

Identifying ESG Performance Risk Incorporating sustainability/ESG into asset management may be the most far-reaching change in the investment industry since Modern Portfolio Theory. The esteemed Business Roundtable has underscored the key role of sustainability by redefining a corporation’s purpose to include serving all stakeholders because “it is the only way to be successful over the

January 21, 2020
Image from OWL ESG highlighting a 'Featured Key Issue' in their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis.
Environmental Pillar

Food Waste = Profit Waste | ESG Featured Key Issue

Shockingly, over one-third of all food never makes it from farm to fork. Somewhere along the supply chain, something goes wrong, and an unthinkable portion of otherwise perfectly good food winds up in a landfill. With over two billion people living in dire poverty, it’s astounding that more hasn’t been invested in reducing this food waste.

November 30, 2019
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General ESG

ESG Case Study: Top 1000 Value Cap-Weighted, Filtered vs. Unfiltered

We’ve been doing case studies with a set of methods of applying ESG to various portfolios to see how they compare to the most common index weighting factor, market cap-weighting. If you haven’t been following along, visit our Insights page and look for the Case Studies graphic to see more. Meanwhile, check out today’s third study of

August 22, 2019
Image from OWL ESG displaying the cover of 'ESG Case Studies
Investment Management

ESG Case Study: Top 1000 Value, Adding a Filter

Like another recent test, today’s case study simulates the Top 1000 Value Index for a head-to-head between a market cap-weighted portfolio (red line) and a portfolio both filtered and weighted by ESG score (blue line). This starting universe’s portfolio didn’t perform quite as well as another similar head-to-head, using the same factors on just the

June 20, 2019
Investment Management

Responsible Investing: At a Tipping Point?

We think so, and yet another recent survey supports the idea. A survey of Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association members showed the majority believe responsible investing is only becoming more important with time, driven by industry standards, pressure from institutional investors, and positive investment returns. Addressing the survey results, CAIA’s CEO, William J. Kelly,

April 17, 2019
Image from OWL ESG displaying the cover of 'ESG Case Studies
Investment Management

ESG Case Study: Top 1000 Value

Among our many tests, we made an effort to test our methodology on approximations of popular benchmark indices. This study simulates an ESG-weighted Top 1000 Value portfolio (blue) versus the same portfolio weighted by market-cap (red). Our starting universe is the top 1000 US companies by market-cap that are also in the Wilshire Large- or

March 15, 2019
Image from OWL ESG displaying the cover of 'ESG Case Studies
Investment Management

ESG Case Study: More Tinkering with the Top 1000

OWL ESG continues to publish case studies that convince us of ESG’s potential to improve investments. We will be releasing these updates regularly, and will present additional studies and analysis in our newsletter — take a second to sign up to receive this additional valuable information. This week we use the same starting universe as

March 14, 2019
Governance Pillar

ESG: Not Just for Hippies

At a recent conference we discussed ESG reporting with a number of financial advisors. One, who identified himself as fiscally conservative, appeared to take great pleasure in describing us as bleeding-heart liberals who were trying to complicate investment decisions with an arbitrary do-gooder philosophy. To which we reply: Balderdash. OWL ESG is proud to promote

February 27, 2019

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