Principle Based Screens
OWL ESG’s Principle-Based Screens give you insight into your holdings and companies of interest, so you can invest confidently in line with your ethical priorities. Screen for operations in more than one hundred potential areas of business involvement, countries of concern, and UN Global Compact controversies. Or evaluate holdings or a portfolio for impact against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With the reliability of OWL’s IQ data, our Principles-Based Screens provide powerful insight so you can invest your values.


OWL’s Principles-Based Screen give insight into your conscience, priorities, values, and impact.

How Clients Use OWL’s Principles-Based Screen:

Stewardship & Reporting Teams

Stewardship and Reporting Teams

  • Current and accurate data around corporate practices that could influence voting decisions.
  • Identify companies with history of repeated concerning practices or engagement in problematic business pursuits
Sustainability Teams

Sustainability Teams

  • Immediately identify companies with significant historical concerns or problematic practices.
  • Highlight concerning practices at target companies as subject for engagements
Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers

  • Identify and avoid companies involved in potentially risk and materially adverse activities.
  • Filter portfolio selections based on business activities that align with your clients’ interests.
Corporate Issues & Consultants

Corporate Issuers & Consultants

  • Foster deeper understanding of impact of corporate decisions and strategic initiatives.
  • Advance strategy in deliberate and focused manner, driving value while initiating positive change.
Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers

  • Earn new clients by tailoring investment proposals to align with prospect values.
  • Strengthen relationships with clients by helping them invest  for both values and return.
  • Develop natural entry point into values discussion

See screens in a whole new way. And make more informed, more impactful choices for your goals and the planet.