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Question of the Day: ESG & Exclusion

Here’s a question we hear occasionally from investors who are just getting started with ESG. Q: Doesn’t investing with ESG imply the elimination of companies from your starting universe? A: Au contraire. The majority of professional investors know that ESG is not an investment strategy. Straight up, it’s data and information that investors can use

November 24, 2018

Can You Afford to Ignore ESG? 

A new study suggests many investors are missing out on the benefits of ESG because they — or their advisors — don’t understand why or how to use it.  Despite growing evidence, over a third of survey respondents do not think ESG is an alpha source, and another third aren’t sure. That leaves less than a

August 22, 2018

Investor Demand Drives Growth of Sustainable Investing

Sustainable and responsible investing continues to claim a growing portion of investments in the US, now at over one-fifth of professionally managed assets — that’s $8.72 trillion out of $40.3 trillion — up 33% from one-sixth in 2014. “Client demand is one of the major drivers for money managers that introduce products that take ESG

July 16, 2018

ESG is Not an Investment Strategy

We keep seeing articles fingering ESG for the sub-benchmark performance of some socially responsible investment (SRI)-themed funds. That’s like cursing the hammer for your sore thumb when you’re the one swinging it. That the terms ESG and SRI have become so popularly confused is not just unfortunate; it is wrong, and this mistake can be

March 27, 2018

Investing in Optimism with Long-Term Thinking: The Long Now

The Long Now Foundation is like nothing else out there. The institution was founded to encourage long-term thinking — beyond quarterly or annual cycles, beyond the decades of a human lifespan, beyond centuries or even a millennium — a perspective stretching forward 10,000 years and further.

November 18, 2017

New Investors Can Learn the Ropes Risk-Free

Dive into investing with Ustocktrain – a risk-free trading simulator for beginners. Using real-time market data and virtual currency, it’s a fun, safe way to learn trading and make informed decisions.

March 1, 2017

How Can Families Invest Responsibly?

Are you concerned with the footprint of your business or investments? Check out The ImPact to explore how simple changes in your investment strategy can have a wide impact on the world.  The site is pitched toward philanthropic families (and family offices) who are considering impact investing, but there’s good information for anyone who perceives

December 29, 2016

Should We Divest?

What’s the best strategy for creating positive impact? Institutions with a mandate to consider the environment struggle with controversy over whether to keep or sell investments in fossil fuels. Recently, University of Toronto President Meric S. Gertler took a stand, saying blanket divestment isn’t sustainable. Find out how the U of T will satisfy fiduciary responsibility

July 22, 2016

How do You Use ESG to Invest Wisely?

Check out the Fiduciary Talk podcast for an interview with OWL ESG cofounder Ben Webster, speaking with fi360’s Blaine Aiken about how ESG can improve investment decisions. Investors at all levels have become more interested in responsible investment practices, but sorting out what that means can be a real chore — even when you’re the

May 20, 2016

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