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Environmental Impact of St. Patrick’s Day

Green Celebrations: Navigating the Environmental Impact of St. Patrick’s Day As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, cities around the world prepare for a sea of green, lively parades, and joyous celebrations in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. While the day is synonymous with leprechauns, beer, and all things green, festivities aren’t necessarily lucky for

March 14, 2024

Environmental Impact of Valentine’s Day

The Green Dilemma: Unwrapping the Environmental Impact of Valentine’s Day Originating in Ancient Greece, the tradition of celebrating February 14 was a day dedicated to Cupid, AKA the god of love, where people brought offerings to honor him. This sentiment carried through to the Christan celebration of St. Valentine, and from there, Valentine’s Day was

February 12, 2024

Environmental Impact of the Super Bowl

The Eco-Playbook: Unveiling the Environmental Impact of the Super Bowl and NFL Stadiums The Super Bowl is HERE. Whether you’re a Niners die hard, Kansas City (or Swiftie) devotee, Seahawks lover, Bills aficionado, an Eagles fanatic (like me), or a fan of one of the other teams, it’s one of the most-watched sporting events globally,

February 9, 2024

Fashion Industry Waste & Climate Change

Unraveling the Thread: How the Fashion Industry’s Waste Contributes to Climate Change Let’s be real. We’ve all bought clothes we either never wear, wear once, or wear all the time and then throw away. But have you ever wondered where it goes after you’re done with it? In a world driven by trends and fast-paced

November 7, 2023

Episode 115: Halloween Spooktacular

In our latest Armchair, Nate and Yates talk with Tessa Schaal about Halloween and ESG sustainability.

October 31, 2023

A Sustainable Halloween: Making Eco-Conscious Choices for a Greener Spooky Season

From creative paper bag outfits to eerily lifelike zombies and houses adorned with creepy decals, Halloween showcases a wide array of creativity. Though, beyond the spooky embellishments, latest horror films, and eerie costumes, have you ever contemplated the environmental impact Halloween can have? Carving eerie faces into pumpkins is a common October tradition, but it

October 30, 2023

ESG in the Music Industry

Harmonizing with Nature: The Music Industry’s Green Revolution The music industry is truly massive in its scope, impact, and economic influence. As an industry, in total, it generates more than $170 billion, increasing every year. This is built on more than $28.8 billion in revenues from recorded music. In fact, retail sales of merchandise is an industry

October 16, 2023
Employee Well-being and the Bottom Line

Employee Well-being and the Bottom Line

Workplace stress is not a new phenomenon. The term “stress” (borrowed from physics) was first applied to humans in the 1920s, and the American Institute of Stress developed its Workplace Stress Scale in 1978. Post-pandemic, there are new aspects to workplace stress for employers to consider. For example, “hybrid workplace anxiety” (we think we just

January 19, 2023
Modern Slavery in the Corporate Arena

Modern Slavery in the Corporate Arena

When you first hear the term “modern slavery”  it might sound like an exaggeration intentionally designed to arouse strong emotions and perhaps push an agenda. Or perhaps you think it is something from the plot of a dystopian novel. We wish that were true. Unfortunately, it was not taken from fiction or invented by some

December 8, 2022

Does Workplace Diversity Affect Business Success?

At this point in the evolution of sustainable investing there is widespread agreement that certain ESG issues are essential to long-term growth and profitability. For example, if it becomes more difficult and costly to meet basic needs due to climate change and a loss of biodiversity, there will be fewer consumers with money to spend

July 19, 2022
the s in esg

The “S” in ESG

Discussions about ESG issues often focus mostly on the “E” (environmental), with far less attention paid to the Social “S” and Governance “G” pillars. This may be partly, or even mostly due to the fact that it is relatively easy to define and measure things that fall under the Environmental pillar, such as a company’s

May 26, 2022

Investing In Human Rights

Last week, we reiterated our view that the investment community is uniquely positioned to effect positive change by deploying capital in companies that score well on Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. To that end, we walked through the framework of a high quality ESG dataset, courtesy of our partners at OWL Analytics (shown again below). Today, we’ll

June 15, 2020

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