Not All Data is good data

This is even more true when it comes to evaluating ESG risks and opportunities. Inconsistency and data decay seems to be the industry norm. Collecting unstandardized and unstructured data from source documents is time consuming and challenging. As a result, the analytics behind the data often delivers outdated results.

The market doesn’t need more ESG solutions,
it needs better solutions. 

Our proprietary technology can read, understand, reason, & extract information much like a human can;
Accuracy: Source Text-extraction databased from all documents
Transparency: Double-Click Verification URLs for all data points
Superior Technology: Machine Learning Technology & Intensive Human Quality Control

OWL’s Differentiated approach delivers:

Better Data
Better Analytics
Better Screening
Better Engagements
Better Benchmarking
Better Customized Projects
Better ESG Risk Management

Support proprietary investment models, evaluate a company’s activities against specific standards or criteria, or apply a unique combination of ESG data servicesto generate company-level analyses.

Explore hundreds of raw data points and analytics that cover specific E, S, and G issues to develop strategies, investigate investment theses, evaluate portfolios, and more.

Build customized analytics, including ratings, that reflect unique sustainability views, in the process building ESG credibility providing the transparency investors require.

Analyze specific ESG issues in-depth – for example, not just carbon emissions, but emissions as a whole including ozone depletion substances and toxic & hazardous waste.

Easily obtain data to meet regulatory reporting requirements and create custom reports for stakeholders or for due diligence – based on the EU Taxonomy, SFDRs, U.N. SDGs, etc.

How Can We Help?

We work with all types of investment firms, corporations, and fintech platforms around the world. Find out how OWL can meet your need for ESG data and analytics today.


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